Create your own stars

Success is rarely repeated. Yet you can learn from success and inherit the wisdom. To therefore believe you can replicate is to overlook the fact that success can then be a multiple function which surely it is not.

People who believe that they can poach a success team and replicate success are bound to be only chasing a mirage. The hunger, the feel and drive that makes a team contributes largely to success therefore success arrives at the doorstep of a vibrant team. A vibrant team is not always about a talented group, it is about inspiring, sharing passion and putting the bricks together. This comes both as a challenge and a solution to those who start of.

Startups obviously cannot hire the very best. Good leaders invest in men just as good investors enter the market. Angel investors and dynamic leaders thus make the difference. Just as angel investors need to be patient, dogged and hopeful – infact put money and hope in the same basket. Angel leaders must also understand that building chemistry and ambition is how you allow boys to grow into men.

From the one opens up the office and doesn’t frown when required to serve a cuppa tea well after office hours to an important guest or a late working colleague to the leader who builds passion. Everyone in a startup work on an untested ground. The weather of this journey is unpredictable, it is therefore necessary to have a team that not only gives you space when requires but cuddles when called.

There is no pre-arrived hero in this experiment. A startup is like a plant nursery, each sapling can grow and flower, however each sapling needs care. Each needs attention. With care and attention, even the organization understands the hidden talents and the hidden capabilities which remain to be used and exploited. Next time a startup recruits a team, they need to understand that they are not recruiting an employee, they are inviting a team member.

They are two ways: look up and admire the stars or create them and look up with pride. Run behind the stars – you will collect the stardust, pause and create them – you will get the applause.

Search for the stars in the team and help them shine rather than look up at the theatre of the star performers. Don’t just applaud, be the recipient. Create your own stars.

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