Trek Up!

We all journey in life looking yearning at milestones. Sometimes we reach there; sometimes there is a constant distance between our travel point and the milestone.

We live in a time when men don’t walk Plateaus, they peak hills. Thus it is no longer enough to arrive. It is important to arrive competitively. It may sound childish to believe that the tale of the hare and tortoise has a theme. It may sound immature to pin a fable into our life yet did the hare not lose for the lack of hard work? Put otherwise, did the tortoise not win because of passion?

It is different to throw out a mantra that assures success, perhaps there isn’t one. The recipe however does have a few defined ingredients. The twin ingredients that power the vehicle of success are arguably are passion and hard work.

Sheer hard work will throw peter’s principle at your face sooner than later. It will earn you good reports at office, added salaries, luxuries and affordability of enlarged dreams.

Passion is what thrusts you on your journey. After the initial push, it converts itself into dreams, visions but just that.

Everyday is a new opportunity; look out at the Sun, hidden somewhere in the early ways is the question: Do you want to hoist the flag or do you want to be the invitee at somebody’s celebration party? You arrive first, you unfurl the flag. You arrive later, you only salute the flag.

The framework of the journey on the trek to the precipice must therefore involve the thrust of passion and hard work to focus on the flag point.

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