The bacterial survival instinct

Nature is not only man’s theatre but it is also the source of his inspiration. In school as a child, we were all told about King Bruce. He watched the spider fall time and again but never gave up till it weaved its web. Even as the spider inspired Bruce, people look out at inspiration and find it!

While the grandeur of the Lion inspires the rulers, the flight of the Cheetah inspires the sports persons. Was it not Darwin who spoke about the survival of the fittest? Hidden from the naked eye are microscopic bacteria that in their many species have survived, adopted, grown and thus inspired. The entire anti-biotic industry working in the midst of millions of dollars is proof of how these bacteria survive. Even as they challenge, they must inspire.

It is not just the instinct that aids survival. Application and adaptation are important factors of survival. The life of the bacteria is a message, it fights big Pharma houses million times their size in wealth, power and potential. While the Pharma industry may help eradicate many anti-human bacteria, they cannot kill the inspirational message that bacteria carry for man.

Historically nations fight and survive by strategies, revolutions, wars etc. As we move around the corner of the 63rd milestone we are bound to be inspired by a whole generation of people small in size and power but so strong in will power and character that they led the march against the mighty British empire. It may sound like a piece of historic fiction when we learn that India won freedom by peace. Even as India fought two bloody wars and spread blood across the globe, a saintly loin clothed man with his toothless smile inspired millions and ensured freedom without wars.

Gandhism was a historic bacteria, that renewed faith in dialogue and pointed out the need for tolerance. Today the World faces another looming catastrophe. We must perhaps go back to the Gandhian philosophy. The crux of this philosophy was that we must appeal to the conscience of the offender. Here lies the key against terrorism. At first sight it may sound impractical, think again and you will realize that it is the only solution.

Gandhian tolerance is a facet of bacterial survival. Minor nuances apart, they both scream out the need to strategic applications for the purpose of survival. Dis-engineer the functional button and detoxify the mind that is eager to push it. The bacterial survival instinct, the Gandhian text of tolerance will help us safely handover the Planet to the next generations like our forefathers did to us.

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