Some people have ambitions. Lofty ambitions. These ambitions don’t let them sleep

walk on moon

At Satyam, one fine day, my boss started asking each of us about our ambitions. We were having some discussion, and he posed this question. Everybody spoke of the one thing they wanted to do before they died. One girl said that she wants to buy her own house. At that time, I thought that her ambition was too easy.

I wanted to walk on the moon. She just wanted to buy a house? In retrospect, I realised her house was her moon. Her house was the one thing that would not let her sleep at night. It would haunt her till she achieved it. It is what would make her happy. It will be the driving force behind her successes.

I still want to walk on the moon. There are only two ways of achieving this – I could become tremendously fit, acquire qualifications, and go to NASA, or I could found an organisation that would conduct research and come up with a rocket that would take me to the moon!

The former is not impossible, but it is not easy. The latter is more feasible. That way, even if I don’t land on the moon, I will be able to leave behind a legacy of research and development that can become the foundation for the future. It can help our descendants to create something better and lead progress.

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