God works through us

god exists

People pray to the Almighty for various reasons. But, the major reason is to ask for things they don’t have.

If we do not have money, we ask for money. If we do not have health, we ask for health. If we do not have children, we ask for children. If we do not have a partner, we ask for a partner. If we are unemployed, we ask for a job.

Since God cannot be everywhere at every point of time, he chooses to work through us. The guy lending you money in time of need is God working through him. The common friend through who you meet the love of your life is God’s messenger.

Finances are a touchy point for people, and it is not easy to ask for money from a fellow human being in the time of need. My only prayer to the Almighty is to give me enough so that I can help those in need.

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