A business mentor – a friend, philosopher, and guide

The energy that young entrepreneurs have is their greatest asset. We are surrounded by innovations, products, services, and applications that are being and have been developed by the youth of the society. An early start means they do not have much to lose. Their unmatched energies let them dedicate long hours, every day, to a project they believe in.

Young entrepreneurs, however, do not have the wisdom that comes with experience, and this makes it very easy for them to lose track of the bigger picture. It does not take much to get their adrenaline pumping. One idea, and it’s on. They rush into an idea, and start thinking about ways to get in off the ground. They, however, cannot figure out ways to take their work to the next level. This is primarily due to their inexperience and lack of understanding of how start-ups work.

This is why every entrepreneur needs a business mentor.

A mentor will give a budding entrepreneur advice in key areas of the business that he (the entrepreneur) is unaware of. Business mentors are usually entrepreneurs who have been running a successful business for quite some time, and are thus capable of instilling good sense in the younger generation. Mentors are more like role models that help their protégés and guide them through troubled waters, instead of being people whom the youth looks up to and never interacts.

Most mentors believe that young entrepreneurs should do something that they are intensely passionate about. They should delve into things that never fail to excite them, for it is only those who are excited about their work that make a difference.

The youth should appreciate the treasure of knowledge the mentors are sharing. For a mentor – protégé relationship to work, there has to be respect, practical thinking, and accountability.

It is the protégé’s responsibility to tell his mentor of the clear goals he has set for his business, for only then will the latter be able to figure out a way of getting there. The protégé should also constantly create and be productive, while furnishing regular progress reports, and take majority of the decisions for his business instead of depending completely on his mentor.

Looking for someone to guide you is not easy. Not all experienced entrepreneurs will want to mentor you. They will have a lot on their plates, and they might be hard pressed for time. Also, a lot of successful entrepreneurs have never had mentors. So, they are really not sure about how to help you out. But that should not deter you from looking for the one person whose goals match yours.

Once you have identified a list of people who can mentor you, all you have to do is establish communication. An email, a phone call, or a hand written letter is enough for an introduction. Instead of beating around the bush, they would appreciate it if you get to the point and ask them your question. You might be lucky and have a beautiful relationship that is mutually beneficial!

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