Business relationships – the building blocks

Every business is run by people. And it deals with people. Your vendors, stakeholders, customers, clients, employees – all are people. They will not appreciate it if you just treat them as their roles in your business and not like people.

Transactions are temporary, relationships are long – lasting and guarantee repeated transactions. Your focus should be on building relationships and not on how much you can squeeze out of him. If, in the process of building a relationship, you suffer minor losses, let it go. Remember that once you have established a solid relationship, your profits will soar.

However, just forming a relationship is not enough. You need to ensure that they last for long and provide value to all involved. There’s a reason they say, “Don’t burn bridges”.

These bridges are instrumental in taking you places over time. You’ll end up with maximum profits by doing business with those you have built a strong relationship with. And these relationships take a long time to build and you might not work with them in the same business you were doing when you started working with them.

There are no textbook methods of forming new relationships. But once you let a relationship bloom, you’ll have to put in an effort for its maintenance and nurture.

Even if you are looking for a job, or a promotion, you need to appeal to the person’s heart. When you aim for their wallet, they become cautious and you lose an edge. Appealing to hearts always guarantees success!

So, go ahead. Form new relationships. Let them bloom. Maintain and nurture them. And see them work wonders for you!

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