Hold on for one more day

One of most romantic notions that wannabe entrepreneurs have is that having a good product/service is the sole and sure way to succeed in the market. Well, nothing can be farther from the truth. The fact remains that for almost everybody (from Warren Buffets of the world to the panwallas of the streets), the journey is long and most of the times lonely. It is very tempting to give it all up in the face of relentless pace of obstacles that one faces in the entrepreneurial journey.

Pick up any magazine and read any interview and you will know what I am saying. Success depends not just on your strength to build a product/service, but more so on staying long enough with that strength. It is not just talent or intelligence that sets successful entrepreneurs apart, it is the persistence that gets interviewed at the end.

Consider this 61 year old who wanted to sell chicken sandwiches just because he thought he has a secret recipe that people will love. The sandwiches came out the way he formulated the recipe. Ironically, in matter of months, he was almost broke and unemployed. It dawned on him that he recipe wasn’t to everybody’s taste. He is believed to have had more than 1,109 chicken recipes before he decided to say YES to one best combination. This guy is popularly known as Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

One of the best questions to ask yourself before you start on your journey is “Am I ready to fail any number of times before I succeed?”. Persistence in simple terms means moving forward in spite of failures. More often than not, a brilliant by-product of persistence is ingenuity. Not just in business, even in our daily lives we need to stay long enough. Is it not your persistence that is at work when your child just doesn’t want to fall asleep, night after night? But you put those late hours just to ensure your child goes to sleep.

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