How to keep your sanity as a business owner

As small business owners, the stress is bound to be great, especially as you have to think about almost everything. Every entrepreneur has his or her own breaking point. It could be something like being too swamped with work and not getting enough time for spending quality time with your family. You can’t always prevent situations from cropping up and grinding your nerves, but you can have your own ways to deal with it.

Here are a few strategies that can help.

Do a maximum of five major tasks in a day
If you try to do more than five big things in a day, you are bound feel overwhelmed, which will not help your productivity in any way.

So, if you have a never – ending to – do list, you will always feel as if you are just not getting anything done. But, if you do just five things and try to get them done by 11 am, you will be surprised by how much more you can get done when you prioritise work.

Don’t try to control everything
Trying to control everything is a recipe for everything going haywire. Instead, focus only on three things:

  • Who you are for your customers

  • What you are committed to

  • Delivering on what your customers can count on you for

One you put all your energy into these three things, you will have a whole lot of customers who are happy and profitable, and they will choose you regardless of the price they have to cough up.

Jot everything down
It is quite important to jot down stuff – without using any technology, just the good ol’ pen and paper. All you have to do is buy a white legal pad, and make a note of everything that you have to do. The moment you finish a task, draw a line across it. It feels extremely good to physically cross something off.

There will always be more going on in your office than you can keep track of. So, having a notepad on your desk will help you keep those five big tasks in the front of your mind.

Take some time off
Taking some time off, even if it is half a day, can do wonders for our productivity and stress levels. Entrepreneurs push themselves to the limit because they think the business will not sustain if they are out of the office. But, if you take off early on Friday, you will feel rejuvenated and all ready to tackle every challenge on Monday.

You might not be able to take vacations often, but getting off work early on Fridays is certainly doable.

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