Sell Magic

Startups that create technology are not actually in the business of technology. They are, in fact, in the business of creating magic. By magic, I don’t mean that they befuddle people with card tricks or by pulling a rabbit or a dove out of their hats. They create magic that awes and surprises. They are in the business of providing people with a magical experience.

Most of a business’s customers don’t understand the technology that goes behind creating the products. They don’t need to, and they don’t care. What they care about is the way the product works. The love a simple interface. For example, when you look at Google’s interface, it is just a box for you to type in and some buttons and tabs here and there. But, behind the simple and classy interface lies tons and tons and tons and tons of code, which, when looked at, will blow your mind.

But, as long as the search engine’s working, and working seamlessly and perfectly, people will flock to it. Your product has to be like that. It has to delight and astound, and yet, remain as simple as ABC. Simplicity is magical. If your product is not simple, does not awe your customers, does not make them feel magical, and have an astounding design, you will be in trouble.

For very few people are interested in technology for the sake of technology. Most people are interested in what technology can do for them, and how it can blow their shoes off. By selling only your technology, you will just end up with a bunch of people who have been irritated and confused by your technology.

People like to see results. They want products that will delight them. They prefer start-ups that are easy to communicate with and respond to their queries almost immediately. Apart from looking for value for their money, people now want technology to fit into their lives without any hassle.

They do seem to want a lot, and it does seem like they want magic. So, that’s what you’ve got to sell – magic.

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