An app to track your tasks

Prio has a beautiful eye-catching to-do app to track your to-do lists

Prio is a beautiful new way of keeping track of your tasks, to-do lists, and reminders in a single app. Prio is worth checking out if you are not satisfied with the other similar apps in the market and wish to have a bit more colour in your life.

Prio has a beautiful eye- catching design. It has an attractive colour gradient background that is, in addition to looking great, easy on the eyes. It has about 20 different colour themes to choose from.

It takes some time to get used to Prio’s user interface as it combines lists, tasks, and reminders in one, but its use of taps and swipes to navigate makes it easier.

The app has a brief introductory tutorial when you launch the app for the first time. It explains the basics, which are quite straightforward. To create a new item, just pull the screen down to get the text field and start typing, though be warned: it seems the number of characters is limited. Swiping left on an item will reveal a contextual menu where you can mark something as done or delete it. If your item needs more info, then just tap it to view the detail screen. The details view is where you can give it a priority level, due date, reminder, and even add it to a list.

Prio syncs your data using iCloud, making it accessible from multiple devices. You will be able to see Today’s Priorities in the Notification Centre widget and a dot of the list theme colour. This helps you see what is coming up today in a glance. However, there is no way to mark an item as done.

If you are not looking for something complex and want a beautiful design, then Prio is the app for you.

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