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Black is a black and white film emulator app with a curve tool

Black is a new app in the Windows Phone Store. It wants to be the first Black and White analogue film simulator for Windows phones.

There are apps like VSCO Cam for Android that have carved a niche in the hearts of photographers around the world for emulating film on smartphones. There are a number of apps with filters in the Windows Phone Store that work pretty fine, but Black is slightly different from the rest.

The people behind Black, Alvaro Arregui and Peter Stojanowski, wanted to create an emulator app for black and white films. They researched and analysed a number of films and got the exact values that will make photos look like they were shot on film.

They then dropped the features into a beautiful and functional app.

You are bound to be happy with the results that you get with Black. It does a good job by being faithful to the film it emulates and it does so in a beautiful and functional app!

The app has a curve tool. This tool is one of the more powerful ways of editing your photos on Photoshop. There is no app for Windows phones that has a curves tool.

This tool is a wonderful way of adjusting the contrast in a tonal region.

The performance could be better.

This is, after all, the first version of the app. The developers have said that an update will be out soon that will take care of any performance issues or stability problems that users may come across.

The app sure promises to get better with each update.

The app is free and you can use it on your Windows phones right now.

You can download the app, check out the user interface, try out the black and white film emulators, and leave feedback for the developers to improve an app that has a lot of potential.

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