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Pasteasy helps you copy text, links, photos, files, and screenshots between desktop and Android phone

Pasteasy is a productivity app that makes your daily workflow simple and speeds it up, thereby saving you valuable time. It lets you share a clipboard between your devices privately. This means, you can simply copy and paste to move text, or share photos privately.

You can use it to copy snippets of text, various links, share photos, files, and screenshots. It is very useful if you want some text on your phone but are really not very comfortable typing on the touch screen. You can type it out on your computer and paste it to your Android to send! You can share photos easily from the gallery of your phone right to your computer, and transfer as many photos you want in just one shot. You can also take screenshots on your computer or phone and they will appear automatically on the other device. If you copy a URL on your phone, the app will automatically open and load the webpage on your computer’s browser.

Pasteasy is a very useful app for those who work with more than one device, irrespective of the profession.

One of the best features of this app is that it syncs the clipboard instantaneously, thereby making it ridiculously simple to share text and photos without the need of any extra effort. Users will only need to interact with the app to connect the devices. There is the question of the privacy of your data. The makers say that the data is encrypted and you can use your local WiFi to share. In fact, if you have a portable hot spot, you will not need WiFi. In order to connect to a device, users will have to scan a bar code. This means, you will not need an email address, a phone number, a shared link, a friend request, or anything of that sort to share photos.

This app is versatile enough to work across Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

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