Your lock screen gets interesting

With the LokLok app, the first thing you see on your phone is a sweet message from a friend or a loved one, even when your phone is locked

We often come across apps that make us do a double take, and LokLok is one of them. This app has been developed by Kwamecorp, a creative and technology consultancy. The idea seems to be pretty simple – make your lock screen do something special. The app replaces the locked screen of your phone with a new one on which you can draw and place pictures. The possibilities are endless. You wake up in the morning and the first thing you see on reaching for your phone is a sweet message from a friend or a loved one. You will be able to see this message in spite of your phone being locked. The message could also be a cute little doodle. That is some pretty cool stuff.

This nifty app works only on Android. The reason being, only Android allows you to do stuff like this on its screen. So, how does this app work? You have to either invite a friend or accept a friend’s invitation to get started. Once that is done, you screens are in sync. So, if you start doodling, the app will instantly update your friend’s phone!

This app does look innovative and is a far cry from many apps available in the market. In addition to placing pictures, this app does other stuff that’s quite clever. It lets you doodle on the screen, doodle over photos, share messages within a group or in private. It is a lot like a white board. You will have to wipe it clean after every use. Also, the doodles and the images are transient and they disappear the moment you clear your screen.

The app does have a few issues and an unstable network is one of them. But, as the app is still in Beta, we can give it some time and see how it measures up.

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