How things have changed!

How things have changed

Around a decade or a decade and half ago, everybody in Hyderabad had a scooter (or a bike, or any form of a motorised two wheeler). The man of the house would work for six days a week. He would, typically, go to office at around 9 or 9:30 in the morning and come home by 6 in the evening. Life was not as stressful as it is today.

Those days, multiplexes were a foreign concept. There were no multiplexes in Hyderabad. So, every Sunday, families would go to RTC cross roads. This place had numerous cinema halls. It was a desi multiplex, with one area showing as many movies as were released. The family would go and watch a movie, followed by lunch, and the father would buy some trinket for the mother and a few balloons or toys for the children, and everybody would go home happy.

Today, an average person owns a car. People usually work five days a week – Monday through Friday – and use the weekends to relax. On a regular weekend, a regular family would be seen traipsing down the aisles of an upscale mall, and then in the queue at a multiplex, waiting to pick up the tickets they booked using The movie would then be followed by lunch at the mall or at one of the fast food chains that are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere. The father would buy an expensive handbag or something like that for the mother, and some expensive electronic toys for the children, and everyone will go home happy.

The activities are similar, the feelings generated are the same, and yet, something has changed – the amount of money spent. People have more disposable income now, and they don’t mind splurging on clothes, shoes, accessories, and toys.

When I look at them, I don’t feel like leading the same lifestyle. I want to leave something behind – something that will benefit the society at large when I am no longer alive. I don’t think I can ever be a part of the rat race.

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