Incremental innovation is better than disruption

Every now and then, we come across some article, here or there, that talks about a disruptive start – up or a disruptive technology.

What is a disruptive start – up or technology?
A disruptive start – up or technology is one that disrupts the current market. Such is its impact that it throws everyone in frenzy. People are excited; people are scared; people are apprehensive. The market does not know what to do. Contemporaries fear being out of business and resort to desperate measures to stay afloat. It is a bomb that is thrown amidst a peaceful sphere.

A child that disrupts a class draws attention (not in a good way), is punished, and taken to the principal. The same theory applies for start – ups and technologies. A disruptive start – up or technology will draw attention, and all of it will not be good. And if it fizzles out, you will not have anywhere to turn to.

Instead of bombarding the market and exciting them out of their wits and putting them on their guard, it is always better to reveal what you have in stages. Start with a pilot run. Then bring the first version out; then the second version, and so on. Give people time to acclimatise. Gradual introduction will give people the comfort of getting used to something at their own pace. They will be more accepting and welcoming then.

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