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We have, more often than not, come across a color that is so different and beautiful that we fall short of words to describe it. You’ve liked the colour so much that you want it on your bedroom walls. The problem is, the colour is on a leaf. You might want to pluck it and carry with you as a sample. But, unfortunately, the leaf will wither in a couple of days. This is where the SwatchMate Cube comes in the picture. This cube is a genius invention that lets designers and artists expand their colour palettes to just about any colour that Mother Nature offers. This little cube “records”, if you will, different colours and stores them for your convenience. While this does sound very strange, it has a simple and clever explanation.

The cube behaves like a “swatchgrabber”, where “swatch” refers to the recorded colour. It has an inner sphere that is situated inside along with a light source and a colour sensor to record any colour that is placed under it.

The cube will automatically record and save a specific shade irrespective of whether the object is a wall, leaf, or a flower. The device then converts your preferred colour into a usable and workable format. It sends the swatch to your smartphone and Photoshop using Bluetooth Low Energy. The cube’s memory can store up to 20 swatches internally.

The makers have created this cube with designers and artists on their minds. This makes it easier for them to draw inspiration from various surroundings with natural colours and also offer a limitless colour palette. In addition, they can colour-grade their images with SwatchMate.

This design is turning out to be extremely popular with people. The makers turned to Kickstarter to raise money for producing the cube. They wanted to raise AUD 55,000 and ended up raising an astonishing AUD 100,317!

With donations adding up to almost double their goal, they now plan to take it to another level by introducing additional features like a light intensity monitor and a thermometer.

The brilliance of this idea is sure to grab the attention of many. It won the Melbourne Design Award in 2013 in addition to the Sydney Design Award. The SwatchMate has also been shortlisted for the Brisbane Design Award in 2014.

This sure is a great invention that could help designers and artists tremendously. But, it is innovative enough to grab the attention of others as well!

You can buy one for $179.95 from their e–shop. Know more at

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