Smart jewellery for women

Meet Ringly – a beautiful wearable technology for women, a game changer in its own right

Smart jewellery has not received its due, especially from women. There is now one manufacturer in the market who is trying to bring about a change. There is a lot of evidence that indicates that women are the predominant adopters of most technologies, or that they outnumber men as prospective buyers of wearable gadgets. But, the gadgets available in this category are not appealing enough to enable women to adopt them.

Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and smart glasses are not popular amongst women because of the way they look, their pricing, or some functions. But, Ringly changes the whole game.

Wearable technology is expected to have a higher aesthetic standard because you wear them and other people look at it all the time. Some people even tend to judge you by it. However, Ringly does not look like a gadget at all. In fact, it looks like a ring you would wear to cocktail parties, and has a large precious or semi- precious stone set in a matte gold band. The ring is made of bronze- brass alloy and is plated with three microns of 18 carat gold. The water – resistant case it comes in feels sturdy and well made; a far cry from being cheap. When the gold wears away, it just looks a little less matte and shinier.

Apart from aesthetics, Ringly does a quite a good job of being a gadget. It sends discreet notifications and vibrates as you get notifications from your iPhone or Android smartphone. The alerts are sent via Bluetooth Low Energy, and you will be notified only of the most urgent ones. It sends notifications for calls, texts, emails, and appointments, in addition to those from your choice of apps – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Uber, eBay, and Tinder. If you choose any more, you will have to bear with your finger buzzing all day. If you want, the ring will flash a small light on its side for notifications. But, you have the option of shutting it off if you do not want the lights.

With the help of the accompanying smartphone app, you can set four different patterns of vibrations and five different colors for the light.

Charging Ringly is quite simple. It comes with a ring box that doubles up as a charging dock. You just have to keep the ring on it, and it will charge the gadget to run for another two to three days. The ring’s compact design makes it difficult to house a big power cell, and hence the battery life cannot be longer.

It definitely looks chic and fashionable, and as far as wearable technology is concerned, it remains one the nicest looking things in the market. You can pre-order one now for anything between $190 and $260. Go through to know more.


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